The Inkpot lambs were bought from Village Farm Organics in Summer 2017 and are rare breed Shetlands. Hogget is neither lamb nor mutton but is a 'halfway' meat between one and two-year-old and is often referred to as 'shearling.' The Inkpot hogget is fed entirely on pasture and is raised to organic standards (the Inkpot is currently working towards organic as well as 'Pasture for Life' certification.)

The Inkpot hogget has a great flavour and is of fantastic quality because it is nutrient dense and is as close as possible to meats from the wild as farmed meats can get. The Inkpot hogget is dry aged on the bone for 2 weeks to intensify the flavours and tenderise the meat. 

Whether you buy a whole or half you will get joints, chops and mince. 

Packaging to keep the meat frozen is £7 and courier fees are £10 on top of that. These P&P fees will be added when you checkout via paypal.