This is the first Inkpot beef, from our pedigree Lincoln Red herd.

They live a healthy, high welfare, friendly life, only ever eat grass and hay and are raised to organic standards so no sprays are used and no routine medicines.

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We have Great Taste Award winning Organic turkeys available to buy directly from the farm. Our turkeys are a mixture of Norfolk Blacks and Bronzes, they are (very) free range and slowly grown. Our turkeys have a life like no other... They spend their days working as our woodland managers.. Pecking around and enjoying the outdoor life under the 3000 young trees we have planted at the Inkpot. They nibble on leaves, seeds, berries and insects in a large area and get moved on to a new area each week, working their way around the whole field edge, foraging and fertilising as they go.

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The Inkpot hogget has a great flavour and is of fantastic quality because it is nutrient dense and is as close as possible to meats from the wild as farmed meats can get. The Inkpot hogget is dry aged on the bone for 2 weeks to intensify the flavours and tenderise the meat. 

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Inkpot home-grown, home shorn, Yorkshire spun, permaculture designed, pasture fed, holistically managed, nonchemical, rare breed, British native, slow grown wool.

Available in 50g double knit balls.

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At the Inkpot we hold the welfare of our animals as a very high priority. The hens have free range to fresh pasture and form an integral part of our soil building programme following behind the cows and sheep in their carbon sequestering grazing design.

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The Inkpot fleeces are an ad-hoc that we have if and when we have them!!

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