The Inkpot Team

Hannah Thorogood - The Inkpot Owner

Hannah is a permaculture farmer, designer and teacher. She has set up and runs her own 18 acre permaculture demonstration farm, The Inkpot. Hannah has taken the farm from a depleted, compacted, toxic arable field into the diverse, abundant farm it is today demonstrating permaculture, regenerative agriculture and producing nationally award winning food.

Hannah is a senior tutor with the permaculture diploma system and was one of the lead designers in creating the current system and she co-designed and leads the tutor training within that system. She has also been teaching permaculture design courses for 15 years and has been teaching permaculture teaching courses for 10 years. She has a reputation for creating a very accepting and fun learning environment, putting people from all backgrounds at ease to enjoy their learning together. 

Hannah has a BSc in Environmental Studies from Manchester University & an MSc Organic Farming from Scottish Agricultural College. She also loves to knit and crochet using her own Inkpot wool.

Helen White - Yoga PDC

I have been practising yoga for the past 25 years or so, and have been teaching for 13 years.  I teach Iyengar Yoga which focusses on alignment and precision, and is suitable for anyone and everyone - beginners, improvers, people with injuries or medical conditions.  It is the most widely taught form of yoga in the world.  Mr. Iyengar believed that if
poses weren't done correctly, they weren't worth doing, so he brought in the use of props to help people who are stiff or have injuries.  I currently teach 6 classes a week in Leeds.

I first came to Permaculture when I applied for a job with the Permaculture Association in 2008.  I did the full PDC in 2010, and following a Training of Teachers (ToT) course (at the Inkpot), have been teaching on the Leeds PDC for
the past 3 years.  I have also taught some one day Introduction to Permaculture days.

I am particularly interested in the people and community aspect of permaculture.


Fran Pickering - Cooking the Food We Grow & Preserving the Harvest

Fran describes herself as a premaculture desginer specialising in food. She has been her own boss since 2002,working in many areanas with a variety of ethical groups, most predominatly with Brighton Permaculture trust, through whom she cooks for many groups and situations. She was born into a foodie household where she was spoiled with diverse culinary expreinces. Her parents loved to travel the world particularily he father who spent his adult life compiling a database from traditional recipes he had tasted enroute. 

Fran's son was born ith a "tree nut" allergy which led her to explore and specialise in restricted diets. In her 30s she was a vegan for 3 years but now classifies herself as a "permaculture vegetarian." Her cooking skills lean towards Mediterrean and Chinese/Asian fusion but she is also passionate about fermentation, raw foods jams, pcikles, pestos and vegetable dips. She also loves to eat and cook wild food and regional, seasonal variarions. Amongst her permaculture skills are the design she did for how to feed 2000 people apple crumble in a field and her "make no waste" wartime wisdom of creating new things from "left overs." As a passionate person  about all things food, Fran is more than happy to share her learning with others either formally or round a dinner table. 



Andy Reynolds - Off-Grid Photovoltaic (PV) Solar set-up

Andy is a long term practitioner of low impact living. His property in the Lincolnshire fens gets the majority of its energy from a large wind and solar system built by Andy over the last 20 years. He has various interests such as forestry, carpentry, land care, habitat rebuilding as well as wind and solar generation installation and use. Andy shares information on his youTube channel and he has also written 3 books - Timber for Building, Wind and Solar Electricity and Heating with Wood can be bought at

Aranya - Training of Teachers

Aranya first came across permaculture back in the late 1980s being fortunate enough to meet one of the first designers working int he country. He found the subject full o common sense ideas that immediately inspired him to apply the principles in his own life. During the 1990s he regularly lectured and debated on environmental issues in schools and colleges and in the media for a national campaigning group over a period of five years After completing the 72 hour Design Course, he went on to participate in a week-long Teaching Permaculture Creatively course and to complete Stage One of the City and Guilds Adult Education Teaching certificate. He has also designed and implemented several major garden projects during the last decade, which formed a major part of his Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design portfolio, completed in September 2003. 

Aranya currently supports apprentices on their own Diploma pathways, is a busy permaculture teacher as well as co-teaching on the Training of Teachers courses. He feels that permaculture has a lot of solutions to offer us and enjoys teaching 'something that can really make a difference in all our lives.' His book Permaculture Design: a step-by-step Guide to the Process was published in Spring 2012. In the same year, he also set up a YouTube channel where he regularly uploads his own videos around a permaculture theme.

Keri King - Draw what you see

Keri gained an honours degree in Art and Design. After teaching Illustration in Milan and Rome Keri worked as a Fashion assistant on Marie Claire Magazine and a shoe designer for Jimmy Choo. She became delusioned in education and with the fakeness of the fashion world so she became a drugs counsellor for single parents and their children.

In an attempt to marry art skills and people skills Keri then went on to gain a PGCE at Goldsmiths University becoming an art teacher and on to Head of a large Art Department for 10 years.

Keri is now a portrait Artist. Painting Children's portraits and transforming them into fairies, elves and pixies Inspired by the imagination, nature and Artists such as Arthur Rackham, Sophie Anderson, John Atkinson Grimshaw and Brian Froud.

Trish Taylor - Natural Dyeing of Wool

While working as a freelance textile designer Trish began to research the history of colour in 1992, quickly becoming fascinated not only by the abundance of colours and colour harmonies available from natural resources, but also by the wealth of recipes and processes that have been passed down for generations.

Over the past twenty-something years she has given dyeing demonstrations and workshops for heritage events, adult education courses, fairs, teacher training days and art groups. Trish continues to work experimentally on an intimate scale with natural dyes, using yarns and cloth made from natural fibres such as wool, silk, cotton and linen, to create colourful clothing and other items, including dyed papers for handmade books and stationery. Wherever possible she uses home grown or locally harvested dye plants as well as the more exotic ingredients that add to the spectrum of possibilities in this exciting craft.

As a knitting addict and occasional spinner,Trish particularly relishes the happy relationship between wool and natural dyes, looking forward to the results of each new batch from the dye pot that will inspire future knitting and stitching projects.

Dano Wheals - Heal Yourself with the Herbs You Grow

Dano Wheals has been doing herbal medicine and permaculture for 10 years calling it herbaculture. Read more about his herbaculture business here.

A Western Medical Herbalist, Dano has been herb growing with the aim of making medicines for people and has worked with community and herb gardens in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. 

He hopes to introduce herbal permaculture to the wider world with workshops that bring together the realms of gardening, cooking and health.  

Come with a smile and leave with plants, simple home remedies and inspiration.

Joe Atkinson - Designing Beyond the PDC

Joe works for the Permaculture Association as Learning Coordinator and is a freelance designer and teacher. He completed his PDC in 2007 and gained his Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in 2015. He has attended permaculture teacher training courses in England and Denmark and taught on design courses throughout the north & midlands of England, as well as in Ukraine and Spain. He is actively involved in the European permaculture network and is a member of the Permaculture Council of Europe. Joe brings a wide range of interests to his teaching. A keen gardener, he’s also interested in eco buildings and lives at LILAC: a community-led housing project comprising 20 affordable homes made of timber and straw bales in Leeds. He also holds an MSc Architecture: Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies from the Centre for Alternative Technology. He is currently training as a person-centred counsellor.

Lee Jenkins - Sweatlodge

Lee began his love for natural systems and patterns as a small child exploring with a compelling fascination the coast and rock pools of Wales with his Dad. Later in life, he spent 5 years travelling throughout Europe and Asia visiting all the usual places and seeking all the cliches...slowing don observing himself and the wondrous world around him whilst exploring different forms of yoga, meditation, shamanic practices and natural systems. Enriched along the journey he returned home with new knowledge and found himself called to Walnut Fram in the heart of Norfolk to become a steward of the land. Having time to observe and be informed by the natural systems that surrounded him spurred Lee on to start his Permaculture journey which resulted in Lee becoming a Diploma tutor and allowing him to create  "poly-income."

In the last few years, Lee has spent most of his time taking care of the land and letting her guide him through the labyrinth of life. He has spent hours and days scouring skips and street corners, collecting people's rubbish and unwanted stuff to up-cycle and turn it into building and facilities for others to enjoy at Walnut Farm. At the farm, Lee facilitates a range of events from yoga & meditation retreats foraging & cooking and woodwork & sustainability workshops and he is now taking those skills to others at other places like The Inkpot.