Turkeys - order now for 2020

We have Great Taste Award winning turkeys available to buy directly from the farm. Our turkeys are a mixture of Norfolk Blacks and Bronzes they are (very) free range and slowly grown. Are they organic though? As good as, we are in our 2nd year of official conversion to organic and the turkeys are fed organic feed.
We usually have a range of sizes which are £4.95/lb. We now have only family size turkeys remaining (6-8.5lb) and these are all available at a fixed price of £45. Biodegradable and reusable packaging and postage is £17.
Fill in the form to book a turkey, pay the £25 deposit, and pay the balance via paypal either at paypal.me/theInkpot when you have received confirmation from Hannah that all is well with your turkey size, etc. or as directed to the right of the page.
The Permaculture ethic of Fair Shares says that resources need to be shared amongst everyone fairly. To this end, The Inkpot would like to hear from anyone who feeds the homeless as we have some birds reserved for them. Please get in touch to find out more.
"The Turkey last year was probably the best I have ever tasted. I suggest that you take a little home-made Crab Apple jelly and massage it into the flesh before roasting - fantastic and Ho Ho Ho - ours didn't last many meals!!!!" Brian
"A beautiful looking bird, nicely proportioned. The aroma suggests it has been well hung. Excellent flavour to the dark meat. All in all a fine eating experience" Great Taste Award Judge
"A well-reared turkey, the flavour of the meat came through well" Great Taste Award Judge
Here are some fantastic ideas from an Inkpot Turkey buyer

"So I've been toying with buying an Inkpot turkey on and off for the past year since Hannah started selling them. Firstly, the cost put me off - £40+ seemed like a lot to spend on one bird, until I asked around and realised I was very much out of touch with what intensively farmed shop/butchers turkeys cost. There's also only two of us eating meat on Christmas Day in this house, and I really didn’t want to have to think about making a thousand meals with cooked turkey.

However, after reading another person's review about how they cooked the whole bird and then portioned it up and re-freezing, I thought I would give it a go. So I bought a bird, defrosted it in the fridge for 48 hours (it defrosted enough for me to joint it) and now I have a re-frozen turkey crown for Christmas day, and enough portions for at least 10 meals (including soup and stock from the bones yet to come.) Result!

Be aware with re-freezing - as long as the defrosting is done in a fridge, for a maximum of 72 hours, you can re-freeze the meat. If you take off the drumsticks and wings first after 48 hours, it will then allow more air to the rest of the bird, and it will be easier to joint it. Below is a 9lb bird jointed."