Why buy an Inkpot Turkey?

Happy Inkpot Turkeys

Flavour - National Great Taste Award winner 2016, traditional breeds - Norfolk black and bronzes are recommended by top chefs & your nan.

Welfare - Our turkeys are very, free range, they have a stress free life, with no medications or chemicals.

Health - They are fed organic feeds, and eat a lot of foraged natural foods too, moving on to fresh grazing every week, working around the young trees. We are what we eat.

Fair Trade? Buying direct from the farmer is the fairest trade you can get, when you buy from a supermarket most of what you pay goes to the supermarket, the farmers get very little.

The Planet - we are in conversion to organic, these turkeys have been raised to organic standards... but more than that, the clever grazing system we use is helping to reverse climate change, if all farmers did what we did, there would be no problem with CO2 in the atmosphere (ask Hannah to explain this some time)

Price - at the prices we sell, it is cheaper than every other organic produce we can find.

Doing our bit? We are donating a number of our largest birds to homeless Christmas lunches. By buying our turkeys, you help us to give more and do it all again next year.

Packaging - Our packing for postage is re-useable, ethically sourced and 99% bio-degradable

inability - If you find a more sustainable turkey anywhere, we want to know about it. But I don't reckon you will...

Earth care, People care, Fair share - We think Inkpot turkeys tick all the boxes...